Eezy peezy, Living breezy.

ZEDD at Hard DOTD?! Excuse me while I freak out and scream with happiness.

It’s killing me inside to know I have to say goodbye forever to my best friend and baby sister in a couple days. #kissy_the_bear 😔 #TBT

No big deal, just an Anime Expo program signed by the cast of SAILOR MOON! 🌙✨❤️ #THANKYOUTONY 😊


When I am rolling balls.

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Seriously sunny Saturday. (at Prado Park ☀️😎👒💜)

"Been trying so hard not to let it show, but you got me feeling like i’m stepping on buildings, cars and boats. I swear I could touch the sky" 💛 | #Afrojack


I am going to lose my shit if I see Armin live at EDC this year.

Your personality will keep her around as your friend, the romance will keep her around to be your girlfriend. She may ‘love’ your personality and how you carry yourself as a person, but those are traits that will make her your friend. If you don’t show her your romantic side while courting her, what will give her the yearning to be officially yours? If she caters to you in romantic ways, remember to cater to her with even more romance. Treat her the way you would want your daughter to be treated.

This is random, but I honestly think that Kendall Marshall and I would make a cute couple. HAHA. But I don’t fck with NBA players. Only look, but will never attempt to touch.

Never a right time to say goodbye..

I’ve gone back to 7 months ago and suddenly this goodbye is hitting me harder than the times before. Cause we both know it’s time we finally let go.

They left so childishly, but now they want it all back.

Arriving to that point in my life where my future is just about set up. All that remains is what I do in my spare time in my coming days, and who I choose to spend that time with. I’m still fairly young which gives me plenty of time to find someone to share my space with. But i’ve come to realize that in order to find that person, I need to understand just how important that commitment is. I am no longer at that point in my life where I can aimlessly allow someone to become close and share all of me with them. I am not just letting them know who I am now, but allowing them to be there for who I become in my future.




bye mom


wait whatttttttttttt

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When people bring you up, I’m so goddamn lost on what to say. F’real.